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Sketchbook Australian Sketches

Scene-DSC06280Drawing was my first passion and my first profession. I studied book illustration at the university of Düsseldorf, before my second studies of fine arts in Strasbourg. For me the ability to express himself by drawings and sketches, is the basic of every good artist and often the source of a great artwork, done after a number of conceptual sketches. For nearly one decade I was lecturer of architectural drawing at an international institution of the UNESCO in Venice, teaching students from all over the world. Nowdays as an artists who creates his works mainly by photographic means, I still love these „out of world“ moments, when I have the rare and quiet opportunities, to sit somewhere on an edge, like a Clochard, and dive into the fantastic cosmos of lines and colours, while practicing my perspectual and ambient observance and my right hand in finemotorical translation of what my eyes see. A sketchbook is something very personal, very intime – like writing loveletters, never ment to be sent of. But some of my sketchbook pages I show here and hope you will like them – not as artworks, but as practical exercises of an artist, who did not forget his roots.

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