Lightbrush Paintings

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Lightbrush Paintings


Lightbrush Paintings are based on my photographic works. My idea about photography is quite different from the classical concept of photography, pretending to capture a moment and keep it forever. My work is about fugicity of time, showing that no moment can be kept  – within a glimpse, not longer as it needs to press the button, the moment is gone and all you see on the picture ist a platonic shadow and some reflections of light and colour.

I see time as an ever running river. I put my hand in this streem and it gets wet, when I pull it out. This short act cristallizes on my pictures. And – as I love to collect picutres out of a movement or even using my camera in a certain gestus, like painters do with their brushes – I create dynamic and moved images of great density. It´s not about Individuals or certain persons – it is more a reflection about human existence, passing of time and the fragility of our reality. By the way – I feel, that my images are much closer to our natural reception of our envirement, then focussed and artificially composed photographs.


I was always very impressed by Daguerrotypies – these early photographs of the 19th century, processed on silver plates. These images had an interior brilliance, by the silver shining ground that reflected the light – similar as an Aquarell. This shinig lived and depended on the sourroundig light and made the images live, depending on the angel of reflection and the position of the receptor.

Since 1999 I was experimenting – searching for a contemporary form of bringing back this intensity and depth to my photographic paintings. I decided to develop my works on steel or aluminium and by the time I managed to get a certain perfection with an absolute unique surface.

As I see me more than a painter, I call my own technique lightbrush-paintings.

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